The governor meets with his Task Force on Campus Safety to ensure safer college campuses and preparedness across Wisconsin.

Referring to the Virginia Tech killer, Governor Jim Doyle says it's important to be able to determine how to identify students who may have mental health issues and be vulnerable to dangerous actions.

Doyle hopes the Task Force can highlight some of the good things already going on in this state, share those ideas with other schools, and make use of new technology, like cell phones and text messaging.

The governor says it's also important to communicate with students, local law enforcement and emergency response teams during an emergency. He points to Matt Atkinson , a high school student from Green Bay, who thwarted a plot for a Columbine-style massacre. Doyle says it is important kids have a clear path by which to come forward and report such information.

Doyle hopes these recommendations will be completed before the fall semester begins.

AUDIO: Jackie Johnson report (1:46 MP3)

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