At the request of Governor Jim Doyle and Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm, the White House has said yes to an Asian Carp summit. The request was made after the US Supreme Court said no to closing locks near Chicago.  Although the Obama administration fought the effort for the high court to force a closure, Doyle believes President Obama has an open mind on the subject.

“I don’t think the president has sided with Illinois. I know Republicans have tried to pretend that’s what’s happened;” says Doyle who is pleased the summit will take place.

Illinois officials claim shutting the locks could cause environmental damage in Chicago, they also assert Asian Carp is not as dangerous as being touted. Several states including Wisconsin say the closing the locks is the best way to the invasive fish from entering Lake Michigan.

Doyle hopes the meeting, set the first week of February, will not be focused on politics but rather the science and engineering issues necessary to keep the carp out.

Nancy Sutley of the White House Council on Environmental Quality says Great Lakes governors and the Obama cabinet will identify a rapid response to the threat the invasive carp poses. Sutley says the president wants to assure coordination among all the governments involved, so the most effective response can take place.

Brian Moon reports (:70)


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