Thirty-one Jack Russell terriers are cleaned up and adjusting to a new environment after allegedly suffering abuse at a Milwaukee area animal rescue. Working on an anonymous tip, Oak Creek police investigated the First Friends Animal Rescue where the dogs were reportedly being held with no food or water, in small crates that were covered in urine and feces.
Authorities have since turned to the dogs over to the Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission. MADACC Executive Director Melanie Sobel says they’ve dealt with the animal rescue owner before. It happened six weeks ago when responding to a report of a stray dog.
Sobel (:36)


Sobel says it was a big “red flag” that FFAR’s owner attempted only sought dogs that were out of state rather than working with local animal control groups.

MADACC will hold the terriers until police say otherwise. If the owner does not claim the dogs, they will be put up for adoption which Sobel says shouldn’t be a problem as Jacks are a very popular breed.

According to its profile on social networking site Dogster, FFAR is a 501-3C non-profit group that prides itself in being a “no-kill” shelter and has over 100 volunteers.

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