All that lottery luck has not managed to keep some misfortune away from the doors of Ma and Pa’s on Fond du Lac’s Miracle Mile. Owner Mike Forsyth says a woman driving up to the store experienced a stuck accelerator Thursday morning, causing her to crash through a set of doors.

Forsyth says no one was injured, and the only major damage was to the actual set of doors. He says someone had walked through that entrance just minutes before and another customer was using a nearby copier when the car drove into them.

Forsyth says it sounded like an explosion going off.

AUDIO: Owner Mike Forsyth (:12)

Over the years, the store on South Main Street has sold hundreds of millions of dollars worth of lottery tickets. Much like those streaks, this is not the first time an eager customer failed to leave their car in the parking lot. It’s the third time the building has been hit by a vehicle.

The doors were boarded up and it was back to business.

Bob Nelson, KFIZ

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