Donald Driver Marvin Driver Jr. is in a Houston hospital with injuries his family said were inflicted by two Houston police officers.  Marvin Driver Jr. is the father of Green Bay Packers wide receiver Donald Driver (pictured).

Marvin Driver was arrested during a traffic stop because of outstanding traffic warrants on Monday and was set to be taken to jail.  That's where the stories of the Driver family and the police begin to differ. 

The family insists Marvin Driver never made it to jail and was found lying on the ground bloody and unconscious.  Driver is in the hospital and can't speak because of bleeding on the brain.  He is able to communicate through notes where he has described the beating he took at the hands of the Houston police officers.

Houston police say Marvin Driver made it to jail and was found unresponsive there.  He was then transported to the hospital.  Houston police say they will investigate the allegations.

Donald Driver was supposed to get Wednesday and Thursday off to recover from nagging injuries.  He'll now spend some time in Houston with his family and is expected to be back with the team in time for their Monday night game at New Orleans.


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