The drought in Douglas, Iron, Bayfield and Ashland counties is now hurting livestock feed supplies.


The first hay crop wasn't bad but the lack of rain means no second crop. UW Extension Agent Jason Fishbach says there's only been an inch of rain this summer which helped corn and while that will help dairy farmers a little, it won't do anything for beef producers.

A second year of drought is also producing another problem. Grasshoppers. Eggs during last year's dry spell are hatching this year and Fishbach says the hungry insects are chewing up what's left of the hay fields.

The UW Extension in Bayfield is organizing a hay list to help farmers who have hay to sell connect with farmers who need it. Details on how to sign up can be found at:

Fishbach says many farmers have given up on this year and are getting ready for next.

AUDIO: Jim Dick reports ( 1:10 MP3 )

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