Expanding health care coverage to all kids in Wisconsin and providing an affordable option for low-income individuals were just parts of Governor Jim Doyle’s plans to make sure everyone has access to medical care.

The final piece was creating a state health care exchange, which would allow small businesses and individuals to pool their together and create a market for affordable health insurance.

Doyle says not getting that done will be one of his top regrets as he leaves office, even though he was ready to launch it about two years ago. The decision was made to pull back the plan after the nation’s economy collapsed in 2008 and the state no longer had the resources to move forward.

However, Doyle says the federal health care law passed earlier this year means it could still happen. The National Health Insurance Reform Act provides for states to create their own exchanges. The Governor says all the groundwork he laid while in office means Wisconsin could be among the first to implement the plan, if the next administration decides to move ahead.

AUDIO: Andrew Beckett reports (1:01)

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