The Wisconsin Elections Commission is continuing to deal with a deluge of campaign mailers that seem to be giving inaccurate information to Wisconsin voters.

Spokesman Reid Magney says the most common issue they’re seeing is random messages to people saying they’re not registered to vote. 

“If you get texts, if you get voicemails, that sort of thing, saying that you’re not registered, please ignore them. You know, somebody is trying to help, and they’re not doing a very good job.”

A lot of campaigns and organizations seem to be working off poor or outdated information, according to both the Elections Commission and state consumer protection. 

Magney says those random voter registration forms you’re getting in your mailbox are not probably not what’s required.

“Just returning a form that’s filled out, partially filled out, is not going to get you registered to vote in Wisconsin. There are a lot of other security steps that are involved and we’ve got this covered.”

Anyone who is worried about their voting status should check with their local clerk’s office, or log on to MyVote.WI.Gov to update their information.

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