The DNR will ask for some emergency measures to fight off a fish killing virus.

It's called VHS for short. A virus that fishery experts believe has moved to Lake Michigan. It attacks all species and that could spell disaster to the commercial and recreational fishing industry worth billions.

The DNR's Mike Staggs says the DNR will ask the Natural Resources Board for emergency powers to ban the movement of live fish or fish eggs between Lakes Michigan and Superior and the Mississippi River. It also wants to require boaters to drain their bilges, live wells and  bait buckets when they come off the water.

In addition, live bait would have to be purchased in Wisconsin. But Staggs says that shouldn't have much affect on large bait dealers. They can still import bait because the DNR tests that for the virus anyway.

The virus was first discovered in Europe where it attacked trout and salmon but once it hit the Great Lakes in 2002 Staggs says it changed. It's mutated into a virus that will attack all types of fish.

The virus is not harmful to humans.

AUDIO: Jim Dick reports ( 1:15 MP3)

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