The Evers administration on Friday released best practices and safety tips to minimize the spread of COVID-19, once Wisconsin businesses are allowed to reopen.

General advice to business includes ensuring that employees who are sick stay home, ensuring workers have access to sanitizes and personal protection equipment when appropriate, and curtailing business travel.

The guidelines also included industry-specific recommendations:

*bars should leave two stools empty between customers who aren’t in the same party.

*companies should consider suspending coffee service.

*gyms should keep closed basketball courts and other areas where physical contact sports occur.

*movie theaters should leave at least two empty seats between groups, while limiting household groups to no more than six people.

Evers said the reopening of state businesses will continue to be guided by the health care metrics contained in the Badger Bounce Back plan, which include tracking new cases of COVID-19, assessing available medical resources to cope with COVID cases, and ensuring adequate testing and mitigation resources.

Copies of the guide are available on the WEDC website.

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