As the state relaxes coronavirus restrictions, Governor Tony Evers is allowing some Wisconsin retailers to reopen to five customers at a time. But don’t be grabbing your “Kohl’s cash” just yet.

“I don’t speak for Kohl’s Corporation, but I can’t imagine them opening their stores for five people,” Evers said Monday We’re trying to mitigate the transmission of the disease, and one of the ways to do that is to start small.”

Standalone or strip-mall based retail stores can now offer in-person shopping, with no more than five customers at one time.

“So obviously we’re looking at small stores like apparel, jewelry, toys, clothing, home improvement, CBD oil, things like that. Cell phones, vitamin stores.”

Shoppers and employees will need to follow six feet social distancing guidelines, and masks are encouraged.

But if you need a haircut or a manicure, you’ll have to wait for those services. “A service isn’t a good. In our definition here, retailers that are selling final products, but not services,” Evers said.

Speaker Robin Vos (R-Rochester) released the following statement after the latest emergency order.

“It’s another day and another confusing emergency order. We’ve flattened the curve by being careful and using common sense. With more testing, we’re seeing a smaller percentage of positive cases. This shutdown has put half a million people out of work. It’s time to get everyone back to work in every part of the state.”

“We believe we’ve struck a sweet spot here,” Evers said. “Small businesses’ transactions are going to be with smaller numbers of people. The reason we’re doing it slowly is to watch it. So we’ll be watching is closely to see how it goes.”

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