Governor Tony Evers on Monday unveiled a $75 million dollar grant program designed to assist small businesses in Wisconsin.

Evers said the “We’re All In” grants are funded largely through the federal CARES Act. “Grant recipients will become ‘We’re All In’ businesses, by committing to safety protocols, and using them in their shops, cafes and places of work, and using them to protect their customers, employees and communities.”

Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation Secretary Missy Hughes said following those safety protocols is not a requirement to receive the grants, however “our hope is that everyone will work together to assure that we continue to stop the spread of COVID-19, because that’s going to be critical for the recovery of the economy.”

As for whether people should steer clear of businesses that won’t require masks, Evers said “it’s not something we can require, nor do we have face masks, nor do we have face mask police out there checking on this. But I feel very confident the people of Wisconsin get how important having masks are. And if they feel discomfort, then they should not participate in shopping at that store.”

Up to 30,000 businesses will be able to apply for the $2500 dollar grants in early June.

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