Governor Tony Evers on Monday said the order he issued last week for Wisconsin is working to slow the spread of coronavirus. “The science and the data shows us that ‘Safer at Home’ is effective,” Evers said, urging residents to “stay the course.”

AUDIO: Governor Tony Evers & DHS briefing 68:00 

Department of Health Services Chief Medical Officer Dr. Ryan Westergaard echoed the governor’s remarks. “My personal view is that we have already saved lives by doing ‘Safer at Home,’ because the number of cases that we have, have not doubled in the past two days. We’re seeing a slower curve.”

Evers acknowledged the state is entgering the worst of the pandemic, as the total number of confirmed cases reached 1,221 on Monday. DHS reported 14 deaths, but reports from local public health officials brought the number to 24.

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