Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers thinks state residents will do the right thing, for a safe Memorial Day weekend amid the coronavirus pandemic. “I know Wisconsinites, I’ve lived here for 68 years,” the governor said during a conference call this week. “They have good common sense, and I think they will follow their minds and their hearts to do the right thing this busy Memorial Day weekend.”

Evers suggests keeping a safe six foot social distance, wearing a face mask, and avoiding situations you’re not comfortable with. “You can celebrate Memorial Day in your backyard was well as you can driving 500 miles someplace,” he said. “So we just have to use our common sense, and that’s what I would suggest.”

Many northern Wisconsin counties are bracing, for an influx of weekend vacationers from Chicagoland and the Twin Cities, amid concerns that visitors will bring COVID-19 with them, to communities not as well equipped to handle significant numbers of patients.

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