Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers says he went to Kenosha as soon as he could on Thursday.

Republicans have been relentless in criticizing Evers, with Assembly Speaker Robin Vos even pinning blame for the deaths of two men at the hands of a teen age gunman Tuesday night on the governor. Vos said Evers failed to accept federal assistance.

“I’ll have to reiterate this. The people on the ground here in Kenosha asked us for ‘X.’ We provided ‘X.’ The next day they asked for ‘Y.’ We provided ‘Y,'” Evers said Thursday. “We have fulfilled every request that the leadership in Kenosha have asked for.”

Evers and Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes met with local elected officials and residents of Kenosha after four nights of unrest, including the Tuesday night murders of two men by a 17-year-old self-styled militia member from Illinois.

“People of Kenosha are ready to make life better, and they’re already beginning that process,” Evers said. “I feel very confident about where we’re going. But that confidence doesn’t come from Madison or Washington, D.C. It comes from the great people that inhabit this city.”

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