Green Bay Mayor Eric Genrich

After three Fox Valley mayors asked him to move the April 7 election and require an entirely mail-in election, Governor Tony Evers said he can’t. During a Friday conference call on the COVID-19 outbreak, Evers stressed he has no authority to do so.

“My ability to move that date is non-existent,” Evers said. “I don’t have that authority.”

“Conducting this election in the typical way will be a logistical trainwreck and a public health travesty,” said Green Bay Mayor Genrich.

Evers said his personal opinion is that moving the date wouldn’t necessarily address public health concerns.

“Moving this date is not going to solve the problem,” the governor said. “We could move it to June, it (coronavirus) could be worse in June. It could be worse in May.”

Also Friday, the state Elections Commission asked Evers for assistance in procuring hand sanitizer and other supplies, in recruiting poll workers, and for access to public health officials for guidance.

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