Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers on Monday issued an Emergency Order which adds some changes to the existing statewide Safer at Home order during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Evers said his latest directive “turns the dial another notch,” allowing some non-essential businesses to do more, “where it’s a single person, a single consumer interacting with a single provider of services.”

Numerous non-essential businesses will be allowed to re-open, using curbside drop-off. “Things that we’ve laid out are very clear” Evers said. “It has to happen outside the business. Clearly the social distancing has to be there. So there are enough control factors involved that we believe it’s a safe expansion going forward.”

Businesses like small engine repair shops and dog groomers may reopen. But, as Evers’ chief legal counsel Ryan Nilsestuen explained, your hair isn’t getting cut just yet.

“With barbers or hairdressers, there’s prolong contact between two individuals, and so it increases the risk quite dramatically. The types and businesses contained in this order are very low risk. There’s very little person-to-person interaction.”

The latest order goes into effect Wednesday morning at 8:00. The order also allows recreational rentals including boats, golf carts and ATVs. Also, automatic or self-service car washes will be able to operate.

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