Governor Tony Evers was scheduled to meet with legislative leaders late Monday afternoon. On Tuesday, the state Supreme Court hears arguments in a case brought by the Republican leaders, to block extension of Evers’ “Safer at Home” order.

But Evers said Monday the two are not related. “It doesn’t have anything to do with the court case or getting in front of the court case,” he said. “It’s just seeing if the Republicans have a plan and if so, is there areas of common ground.”

Republican leaders, who requested the meeting, favor a plan put out by business groups to “reopen” the state’s economy sooner than the May 26th end date for “Safer at Home.”

Ryan Nilsestuen, chief legal counsel to the governor, said the stakes in the state Supreme Court are high.

“The Wisconsin Supreme Court is the court of last resort. So whatever decision they make will be binding, which is . . . why we’ve said before why this lawsuit is so reckless and dangerous, is because there is no recourse to whatever the decision the court makes,” he said.

Nilsestuen said the administration believes the law and past decisions are on their side, and that 41 other states have some version of stay at home orders in place. “We hope that the court listens to what the facts are and what the law are, and if there is an adverse decision, we’re going to do whatever is necessary to make sure the public is protected, and we do everything we can in order to mitigate the harms of this disease.”

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