Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers is not yet ready, to disclose when he’ll end his statewide “Safer at Home” order which he issued on March 24th.

“The science tells us that right now, the most effective way we can keep COVID-19 from overwhelming our healthcare sysrem is to continue practicing social distancing so we can slow the rate of infection,” Evers said on Monday.

“Safer at Home” is set to expire in on April 24th.

“In order for us to get to a place that’s less restrictive in the state, our public health systems are going to have to look different,” Evers said. “It’s not going to be flipping a switch. It’s going to be making sure that we have the public health system in place so that we don’t return to where we are today.”

Last week, a coalition of business groups asked the Evers administration for a plan to restart the economy when “Safer at Home” expires.

“To be clear, what we’re saying is, we need to begin reopening our economy on the 24th. That doesn’t mean we go back to business as usual,” said Scott Manley, Executive Vice President of Government Relations with Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce.

Evers did say Monday that he intends to meet with representatives of various businesses around the state. Also on Monday, Minnesota Governor Tim Walz extended in a similar order there until May 1st.

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