Governor Tony Evers (WRN image)

Now there’s a plan, to restart Wisconsin’s economy, once COVID-19 is contained. Governor Tony Evers on Monday unveiled a “Badger Bounceback” plan. A key Republican lawmaker said it misses the mark.

“I’m jazzed and hopeful about this plan,” Evers said. “While being safe at home continues to be very important, this plan is an all out war on the virus, and it begins the process of preparing our businesses and the workforce to begin the important planning that will result in a safe and logical phase in of our economy.”

The plan includes several criteria that need to be achieved before the economy can reopen, including a “downward positive trend” in new cases for two weeks, as well as increased testing and contact tracing. Evers said there’s no way to predict whether or not those will be met by the time his extended “Safer at Home” order expires on May 26.

“We don’t know for sure or I would tell you that. It’s a 24-7 thing, obviously. I am very, very hopeful that we will get there.”

Rep. John Nygren (WRN image)

State Representative John Nygren (R-Marinette), Co-Chair of the Joint Committee on Finance, released a statement in reaction to the Evers plan.

“Unfortunately, today’s plan misses the mark and does nothing to ease the minds and hearts of thousands of unemployed Wisconsinites,” Nygre said. “In fact, it will prolong this economic crisis.”

“The Governor’s plan calls for 85,000 tests a week, but Wisconsin has only done 51,102 tests since the start of the public health emergency,” said Nygren. “How does the Governor plan on increasing testing capacity so significantly? Is there enough demand to even reach 85,000 tests per week? Currently, Wisconsin has the capacity for 7,238 tests a day, yet only 1,433 tests were reported today. The Governor’s administration even admitted that demand for current testing is nowhere near the 7,238 in capacity they have currently. So, why the need for 85,000 a week? This plan leaves more questions than answers.”

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