The state Supreme Court’s ruling ending Governor Tony Evers’ Safer at Home order is leading to a patchwork of local decisions to combat the spread of COVID-19 in Wisconsin.

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos told the Associated Press on Thursday that lawmakers will consider new rules to allowing bars and restaurants to open, but it may be left up to local governments to decide.

Evers said that will be confusing, but that Vos and Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald “apparently think that different rules are okay.”

“Both leaders felt very comfortable . . with the idea . . and they were unconcerned about what I believe will be massive confusion that will exist without a statewide approach,” said Evers, who spoke with Vos and Fitzgerald on Thursday. “I can’t imagine another state that is in this predicament.”

Counties and municipalities are putting local versions of Evers’ Safer at Home order in place. Evers’ chief legal counsel Ryan Nilsestuen said that’s totally allowed.

“We’re going to see a patchwork of different orders across the state, and that’s authorized under state law.” Nilsestuen said.

Vos told the AP that if there’s no agreement between Evers and Republicans, there may not be any statewide rule.

Evers thinks that’s going to make it very difficult to keep people safe. “If you’re not doing the basics, of course there’s going to be increased numbers. There’s very few certainties in this world of COVID-19, but this one is certain: the more people you put in a small space, the greater chance are you’re going to get the disease.”

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