At a Tuesday forum in Milwaukee, Governor Tony Evers repeated his promise to reset state government relations with cities and counties. Evers said increasing state shared revenues will be a budget priority – if he’s elected to a second term.

“Cities and counties do the hard work in this state,” the Democratic governor told a panel of journalists at an event sponsored by the Milwaukee Rotary Club and Milwaukee Press Club.

The Democratic governor has said his next two-year budget will include a more than $100-million increase in shared revenue. “There’s only so much that they can do without money and my goal is to provide those resources. Zero percent for the last 10 years is anything but adequate.”

Evers at abortions rights rally at the Capitol

Even if he defeats Republican Tim Michels, Evers will have a Republican legislature when he proposes his next budget. Lawmakers reduced his shared revenue requests in each the last two budgets.

Evers also said he won’t sign an abortion bill with rape and incest exceptions if he wins reelection. “Because that leaves the underlying law in place, which is a ban on abortion here. Because politicians in Wisconsin decided that they know more than the women; the women that want to have reproductive health decisions made by themselves.”

He added he wants to see federal abortion protections once granted under Roe v. Wade codified.

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