As expected Tuesday, both chambers of the Republican controlled Wisconsin legislature quickly gaveled in and out of a special session, on a resolution to allow for direct referendum in Wisconsin. At a campaign rally afterwards, Governor Tony Evers took them to task.

“What’s half a day? What’s a day? Even if it carried over into two days. What’s up with that? They’re not doing their job. They’re getting paid to do this job andthey’re not doing this job.”

Evers had proposed the resolution as a means for voters to have a voice on the state’s 1849 law criminalizing abortions. Republicans called it an election year stunt. “Of course I know in the end analysis they would likely not make any changes to that law. But at least have a discussion.”

Evers, who faces Republican business executive Tim Michels in November, has made abortion rights a key component of his campaign.

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