Governor Tony Evers

Governor Tony Evers has promised a fresh effort on bipartisan redistricting, and is calling the legislature into special session to address the challenges facing rural Wisconsin. The Democratic governor’s State of the State address was widely panned Wednesday night, by Republican legislative leaders.

Noting that the state is losing two dairy farms each day, Evers proposed a special session.

I am announcing a three-pronged plan to start addressing these challenges. First, tonight I am calling a special session of the legislature next week to take up legislation to invest in our farmers, agricultural industries, and our rural communities.

On redrawing the state’s electoral maps, the governor noted that legislation to provide for non-partisan redistricting has consistently failed to advance in the legislature, so he’ll appoint a commission to do the job, which in recent decades has been undertaken by the legislature.

Our nonpartisan redistricting commission will consist of the people of our state-not elected officials, not lobbyists, not high-paid consultants. The People’s Maps Commission will visit every congressional district, hear directly from folks across our state, and draw fair, impartial maps for the Legislature to take up next year

Republican leaders issued statements that were generally critical of the governor’s record, and his remarks.

“While the governor was able to expand his view beyond just Madison and Milwaukee tonight, sadly a majority of his State of the State address touted priorities that speak only to liberal hubs,” said Assembly Majority Leader Jim Steinke (R-Kaukauna). “After months of focusing on growing the size of government, expanding welfare, and largely ignoring the needs of rural communities, tonight’s speech was much more of the same.”

“It’s disappointing that Governor Evers would rather pose for holy pictures than actually work with the legislature,” said Assembly Speaker Robin Vos (R-Burlington) “His speech tonight was more about politics than anything else. Governor Evers is finally acknowledging the needs of rural Wisconsin. He has basically ignored our rural areas his entire term up to this point with an agenda focused on Madison and Milwaukee.”

“Governor Evers spent his first year in office catering to his far-left liberal friends in Madison,” said Joint Finance Committee co-chair, Representative John Nygren (R-Marinette). “No amount of rhetoric can cover his failed record of putting rural Wisconsin and our farmer behind liberal special interests.”

“It is my hope that the governor will spend what is left of the legislative session to focus on issues that put Wisconsin families first,” said state Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (R-Juneau). “I’m eager to hear his plans for helping agriculture in Wisconsin. Additionally, the Senate will continue our efforts to crack down on repeat violent criminals, and work on a tax cut for hard-working Wisconsinites.”

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