Sen. Tom Tiffany

Governor Tony Evers went off-topic during Thursday’s briefing on the state’s coronavirus response, to call out state Senator Tom Tiffany.

The Republican is the latest to demand the resignation of Department of Health Services Secretary Andrea Palm. “It’s my understanding that Senator Tiffany just released a statement . . that he’s calling for Andrea Palm to resign because she mishandled the ‘Wuhan virus,’ and is killing Wisconsin. Senator Tiffany, please. You just won an election, just relax. This is an insane statement,” Evers said.

“We talk about trying to tone down the rhetoric, and I’ve done everything I can today to do that. And to make a statement like that about someone who has dedicated her life to saving lives? Please sir, give us a break, you’re headed to Washington, D.C.”

Tiffany, the winner in Tuesday’s special election in northern Wisconsin’s 7th Congressional District, charged Palm with mishandling the state’s pandemic response. He also called her “Evers’ hired gun,” and warned that “she will leave with Wisconsin’s corpse if she continues.”

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