As questions swirl around Wisconsin’s COVID-19 vaccination effort, Governor Tony Evers is urging state residents not to take their eye off the ball.

“All this interest in the vaccinations, I get it,” the governor said. “But at the end of the day if we let our guard down because of the expectation that we’re going to get a shot tomorrow and life is going to be good, we will be making a horrible, horrible mistake.”

During a Tuesday media conference call, Evers said he doesn’t expect to be vaccinated any time soon.

“I don’t expect to get vaccinated until this summer, and I’m of a pretty big group of people. It’s all going to take time, people have to be patient. But while they’re being patient, they also have to continue doing the the things that they’ve done, that continue to make sure that we aren’t continuing to infect each other, while we’re waiting for our shot.”

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