Paddlewheel raffles will remain illegal in Wisconsin, despite passage of bipartisan legislation. Paddlewheel raffles are already used as fundraisers by some clubs and community groups, but Evers this week vetoed the bill that would have allowed them to be used legally.

Evers was asked about that during a Wausau bill signing Thursday – and didn’t have a ready answer. “We’ll get you the information on that,” Evers said. “I signed over 100 bills two days ago and vetoed a handful of other ones, so you caught me.”

AUDIO: Governor Tony Evers

Evers’ veto message said those paddlewheels may be seen as a Class Three gaming device, and the state is prohibited from allowing the operations of such games, in its gaming agreements with Wisconsin tribes. That could negatively impact revenues to the state. The veto was one of two that were issued this week.

WSAU contributed to this report


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