Money is tight for a lot of people, and that might mean that rent checks aren’t being paid. But for now, no one is going to be evicted from their homes for non-payment.

State consumer protection administrator Lara Sutherlin says that doesn’t mean your rent check to your landlord is forgiven, though.

“We’re encouraging landlords and tenants to work together and to think about how they can get through this crisis together and get this rent paid.”

Landlords will still be able to collect rent once the order is lifted. “At that point, landlords can use whatever powers they can to get that rent from you, including eviction. But during the moratorium you cannot be evicted for failure to pay rent.”

Sutherlin says that landlords that need to get help paying their own bills during this time are encouraged to get help from their bank or their mortgage lender to get past the crisis. 

Sutherlin says landlords under no circumstances should be doing self serve evictions of residents, says Sutherlin.

“Deal with it legitimately in the courts after the crisis is over and after the moratorium is lifted.”

Police and sheriff’s departments will be enforcing the eviction moratorium. The only reason they will allow evictions is for reasons other than non-payment like property damage or other circumstances.

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