Failure is not an option. That’s the message from the co-chairs of Assembly Speaker Robin Vos’ Task Force on Racial Disparities.

State Representative Sheila Stubbs (D-Madison), has accepted the role of co-chair.

“We cannot allow another unarmed Black person to be shot, and or killed,” Stubbs said. “Let me be clear, this task force is not a substitute for action. And it is not the solution. But it is a step forward.”

“I am not going to fail. Failure’s not an option, for me.” Stubbs says politics will need to be left at the door, in order for the task force to meaningfully address Wisconsin’s worst in the nation disparities for Black families.

Stubbs will be joined as co-chair by Assembly Majority Leader Jim Steinke (R-Kaukana). “And like Representative Stubbs, I don’t get involved in efforts only to see them fail.”

Stubbs said she expects the first meeting to happen before the end of this month, with meetings every two to three weeks after that, up to the start of a new legislative session in January.

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