Devil's Lake State Park (File Photo: Jackie Johnson)

Devil’s Lake State Park (File Photo: Jackie Johnson)

The fall colors are just around the corner. The state’s top tourism official says travelers will have a lot to see.

The Wisconsin Department of Tourism launches its annual Fall Color Report, tracking the progress of fall colors displayed throughout the Badger State. There are more than 100 volunteers in all 72 counties filing reports on the changing leaves.

Klett says fall has turned into an important travel time for some people. “People like to travel when crowds are less. But the state of Wisconsin, minus the New England area, is probably the most famous place to go to watch the changing of the seasons. That means huge economic business for us.”

Wisconsin’s vast forests become a highlighted tourist destination, according to Klett. “We have over 16 million acres of forest. So what that means is that over 40 percent of our state is covered in forests. No matter where you go your going to see some great forests. But our state is also fantastic for driving tours, from Bayfield to Door county to southeastern Wisconsin.”

Klett also noted heavier traffic along the Mississippi river roads this time of year.

The Fall Color Report is on the state tourism website


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