The American Academy of Family Physicians, led by a Wisconsin doctor, is asking Congress to fix the healthcare system.

Dr. Alan David, a family doctor at the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee, says a rally of doctors at the capital in DC, wants congress to talk about health care solutions. He says the system is broken.

Dr. David says health insurance coverage for everyone is one problem but he says people are also cut off from good health care because of a lack of family doctors. He says we need to come up with incentives for medical students to pursue family medicine because the need for primary care doctors is so great.

Dr. David says there's a need for 105 family physicians in Wisconsin right now and it will only get worse as the population ages.

As for a solution to the health insurance situation, Dr. David believes all the health care payments from employers, individuals and the government should be put into one big pool. Everyone could have access to it but decide which plan they would sign up for and how much they could pay on their own.
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