Congressman Ron Kind's efforts to reform the farm subsidy program were dealt a blow on the House floor Thursday night. But he's not giving up.

Congressman Kind says he's talked to senators who agree with his reform measures and will try to work them into the Senate's version of the Farm Bill.

Last night, by a 117- to 300 vote, the house defeated an amendment to the Farm Bill that would have limited subsidy payments and use a farmers income to set a safety net not commodity prices. Kind says the family farmer ends up the loser.

Kind says seventy percent of the farm subsidies go to only thirty congressional districts that are well represented on the House Agriculture Committee. But, he says,  special interest groups also have a huge influence. Such as the various commodity groups fighting for every dollar they can get.

Kind says he fought the good fight in the House but it's not over yet. He believes any Farm Bill the President signs will have to include some of his reform ideas. 

AUDIO: Jim Dick reports ( 1:17 MP3 )

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