About 500 farmers from around the state are expected in Madison.

Farmers meet with their elected officials during Ag Day at the Capitol to weigh in on the budget bill, talk about fee increases, upcoming agricultural and environmental issues, manure digesters and the food-and-fuel debate.

"Yeah, there's a number of things we do to educate legislators on changes to our industry and how Wisconsin can be a leader and Wisconsin producers can be good stewards of the land."

Casey Langan, Director of Public Relations with Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation, says the Ag industry affects each and every one of us, at the very least, he says, "three times a day when we eat!"

"It's a $51 billion industry in our state; it provides tens of thousands of jobs; it provides green space and wildlife habitat; and it's just a key economic driver in this state. And part of Wisconsin's economic recovery has got to include agriculture as well."

Scheduled speakers at the Monona Terrace include Secretary of Agriculture Rod Nilsestuen, Ag committee chairs Senator Kathleen Vinehout (D-Alma) and Representative Amy Sue Vruwink (D-Milladore).

Langan says every interest group has a lobby day, and this is a big day to educate legislators about what's going on at the farms.

AUDIO: Jackie Johnson report (1:26 MP3)

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