Some attention this week is on farmers and the consumers of their product.

Although we have seen food prices rise and fall over the past two years, Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation spokesman Casey Langan says the farmer’s share of the food dollar remains constant.

“What we call the farmers share is about 19 cents for every dollar spent on food in grocery stores and restaurants.”

Langan says prices range from as low as 2 or 3 cents for bread and cereal, and as much as 45 to 50 cents for meat, milk and egg products.

After the farmer gets his 19 cents, the other 81 cents goes for marketing, transporting, processing and packaging. Higher food prices in 2008 coincided with higher energy prices.

Langan adds, when economies are good in other countries, our nation sees great demand for ag products.

This week the Farm Bureau celebrates Food Check Out Week by offering tips in getting better nutrition for less money. That includes sticking to a list, reading food labels, plan a food budget, not purchasing items unless they will be eaten completely, and taking time to compare prices for different brands and sizes using cost-per-unit shelf stickers.

The group also celebrates the abundance and safety of our nation’s food supply.

Jackie Johnson report 1:36


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