Former Packers quarterback Brett Favre says he's happy with retirement, but Favre said he could be enticed to return should the team need him if starter Aaron Rodgers would be injured.

Favre told the Biloxi Sun-Herald  that is the opportunity presented itself, it would be tempting.

From Bill Scott:  When will Favre learn to just be quiet.  How about a no comment once in awhile.  It's OK to think that, but how about a little support for Aaron Rodgers. 

Every time Favre opens his mouth and talks about a possible return, the pressure on Aaron Rodgers shoulders continues to grow.  He doesn't need that!  Rodgers has waited patiently and it's his turn now.  If injury should sideline him for a lengthy period and the Packers would call Favre, then so be it.  Until then, just keep quiet.  Favre's media friend Al Jones can write all the books he wants and Favre can contribute all he wants.  But when it comes to returning, unless you're serious about doing so, keep it to yourself.


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