For a guy who says he wants to back away from the media because he's tired of the negative questions, as well as questions that continually come about his future, Brett Favre sure has a hard time practicing what he preaches. 

Once again, Favre's honesty is impeccable.  When HBO's Bob Costas asked Favre if he'd consider playing elsewhere, Favre not only didn't slam the door on the line of questioning, he said he would consider playing elsewhere.  Favre said if the Packers wanted to rebuild, he'd considering continuing in another NFL city.  At his Wednesday press conference in Green Bay, he said his answer was hypothetical. 

Favre said he's 99.9% sure that he'll retire a Green Bay Packer.  But what about the possibility of Favre playing elsewhere.  If I'm a huge Packers fan, I'd want Favre to hang it up when he's ready and do so in a Packers uniform.  It's one of those careers that deserves finishing in the place where it for all practical purposes started.  Favre did sit the bench for one year in Atlanta before coming to the Packers in a trade.

But I'm also one that doesn't think Favre should hang around forever.  The team is rebuilding right now and while all the new young players are getting a chance to contribute, Favre's hanging around is keeping first round pick Aaron Rodgers from getting the chance to play.  At some point, the Packers owe it to themselves to play Rodgers, see what he can do. 

Favre could help that decision process, but like many professional athletes, they have a difficult time doing that.  If Favre can get it done on the field, then so be it, let him play.  But if he struggles this season and the Packers are finding wins hard to come by, they need to find time to let Rodgers play.  At that time, Favre just get that chance to go elsewhere and play out the string.

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