The chances of the Green Bay Packers pulling off an in-season trade involving veteran quarterback Brett Favre, are very remote. But the question is being raised because the Packers are off to an 0-2 start and things aren't expected to get much better. At least two teams expecting good years, Washington and Tampa Bay are also struggling after 0-2 starts. Both the Redskins and Buccaneers are off to 0-2 starts, but expectations are much higher. Favre was asked about a possible deal hypothetically and he said he wouldn't be interested in going. Favre said he would much rather stay in Green Bay and give the Packers his best. He said, “I'd much rather stay here and give them my best. The fans have been great to me, the team has been great to me and I'd like to think I've filled by end of the bargain as well. But there's still some juice left in me here. Just because we're struggling right now, I'm not going to bail just like that.” Favre doesn't have a no trade clause, but could block a deal by telling the Packers he wouldn't play for anybody else. The NFL's trade deadline is Oct. 17th. Favre is in his 16th NFL season, 15th with the Packers.

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