Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold is speaking out against the President's latest act in the war on terror. The Military Commissions Act signed by President Bush Tuesday takes away a terror suspect's right to challenge their detention in court, and allows confessions obtained through torture. The act passed the Senate nearly two to one, but US Senator Russ Feingold believes America will look back on the day as a stain on the nation's history. Feingold says the bill takes away the basic right of people to challenge their detention court, and violates a long history of international laws.

Senator Feingold is traveling across Wisconsin holding public listening sessions. He says the overwhelming passage in the Senate is the result of political pressure. The Wisconsin Democrat says passage of the bill is the result of “one party rule” and threats to make those opposing the law look like they're soft on terror.

AUDIO: Dan Lea (WAYY) reports (MP3 :51)

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