A Wisconsin senator says the US needs a better approach to national security. Russ Feingold wants more “connecting of the dots,” throughout the government. Although he admits the FBI and CIA have done a better job communicating since 9/11, he emphasizes other agencies such as embassies and the State Department can also provide valuable intelligence.

Feingold’s comments come after a Nigerian passenger attempted to blow up a plane over Detroit on Christmas. The suspect, who smuggled explosives in his undergarments, was flagged on a terror watch list but granted airline access.   

Meanwhile the Transportation Safety Administration is expanding the use of full body scanners at airports. Feingold supports the plan as long technology can assure privacy is not violated, a concern at the crux of the issue.

Sen Feingold (:12)


Since September 11th, US foreign policy has been focused too heavily on eliminating terrorism in individual countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan, according to Feingold.

Sen Feingold (:15)


The Wisconsin Democrat says until the US realizes its dealing with a network of terrorists using technology to work across different borders, the enemy will have the advantage.

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