With the U.S. Senate poised to vote on the Iraq war, Wisconsin's Russ Feingold is again urging Congress to exercise the power of the purse to end U.S. involvement.Majority Leader, Senator Harry Reid, has scheduled a rare Saturday vote on the same non-binding resolution debated by the House this week. Friday, Feingold made it clear where he stands. “We must end our involvement in this tragic and misguided war,” Feingold said in a statement delivered on the Senate floor. “The president will not do so, therefore Congress must act.”

That means exercising the power of the purse, said Feingold, to safely withdraw U.S. troops from Iraq, something he said Americans support. The Wisconsin Democrat urged colleagues not to be intimidated by White House rhetoric, trying to prevent any real discussion about ending the war. “Congress made the tragic mistake of authorizing this war over four years ago,” said Feingold. “Now Congress also has the job of bringing it to a close.” Feingold has proposed a six month timeline , to end funding for the war and withdraw U.S. troops. [C-SPAN audio]

AUDIO: Bob Hague reports (1:30 MP3)

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