Senator Russ Feingold took the floor Thursday as the Senate debates resolutions on Iraq. The Senate is actually debating three different resolutions on Iraq. Feingold supports one which which would bring the troops out of the civil war there, by ending funding for further operations. "There really is plenty of precedent, for Congress exercising its Constitutional authority to stop U.S. involvement in armed conflict," said Feingold. As an example, Feingold cited a resolution offered in 1993, by Republicans, to end combat operations in Somalia. And Feingold countered the argument made by Republicans who oppose defunding President Bush's war in Iraq; "the argument that cutting off funding for a flawed policy would hurt the troops . . . makes no sense." In his prepared statement , Feingold said using the power of the purse to ending funding for a misguided policy would not endanger the troops in any way, while leaving them in Iraq does just the opposite.


AUDIO: Bob Hague reports (:60 MP3)

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