They've destroyed crops, livestock, and were even linked to an outbreak of pseudorabies in Clark County earlier this year. Now, legislation at the Capitol would designate feral pigs as harmful wild animals, making it easier for the Department of Natural Resources to try and remove the species from Wisconsin.

Scott Loomans with the DNR's Bureau of Wildlife Management says the wild hogs are an exotic, non-native animal, and the agency would like to encourage their removal from where they are found. Loomans says there have been many reports of the animals causing problems throughout the state.

State Representative Lee Nerison (R-Westby) is sponsoring a bill that would give feral pigs the special designation, which would make it illegal for anyone to possess, raise, or release live wild hogs anywhere in the state. Nerison says the bill would also make it easier for hunters to shoot the animals.

An Assembly committee is currently considering the bill .

AUDIO: Andrew Beckett reports (MP3 :59)

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