Lt. Governor Barbara Lawton says the state is doing a good job fighting sexual assault, but its efforts can be improved. April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month in Wisconsin. Lt. Governor Lawton says state officials have made great advances in fighting violence against women, even if the battle is far from over. Lawton says we must examine the policies and institutions in place, and evaluate what role they are playing in the fight.

Despite the progress that has been made in recent decades, Lawton says there are still many issues to focus on. She says the state should continue to push for Compassionate Care for Rape Victims legislation, which would guarantee access to emergency contraceptives in hospitals. Pay equity for women is another issue the Lt. Governor says needs to be revisited.

Lawton says efforts to eliminate the fears and impacts of sexual assault on society will be an ongoing process, but it's a fight the women of Wisconsin shouldn't give up on.

AUDIO: Andrew Beckett reports (MP3 1:04)

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