The Wisconsin Legislature’s Joint Committee on Finance has released funds to Milwaukee and Dane counties for the election recount, although the panel’s Republican co-chairs said they still have concerns about the actual receipts for the recount.

The action by the JFC comes more than a month after the recount process was completed.

“Although the receipts from Dane and Milwaukee counties have raised concerns, we now have the information we need to approve their request. At this time, the Wisconsin Elections Commission can reimburse them for their recount expenses,” said Co-Chair Representative Mark Born (R-Beaver Dam).

The Trump campaign paid some $3 million for the recount in the two counties which gave wide margins of victory for Democrats Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. The recount reconfirmed Biden’s victory in Wisconsin.

“We continue to have concerns about the high hourly rate paid to workers, expensive rental costs when we have county-owned buildings sitting empty and inflated operational expenses,” said Co-Chair Howard Marklein (R-Spring Green). “We plan to consider options for the future. This committee will protect the state’s checkbook.”

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