(Photo: Dane County Regional Airport)

(Photo: Dane County Regional Airport)

The fire at the Chicago air traffic control center causes hundreds of delays at that cities two airports — O’Hare and Midway — and affects departures and arrivals across the Midwest, including Wisconsin.

Brent McHenry is Director of Marketing and Communications with the Dane County Regional Airport. “Specifically we’re seeing some arrivals and departures that are delayed, a couple cancellations due to this.” And he says, “We do hope that the issue will be resolved fairly quickly and things will get back to normal.”

McHenry recommends checking flight times online or calling your airline before going to the airport to catch your flight. “We do know that our local tower is working with other FAA entities to try to work through back up systems to get flights going where they need to go but an exact estimate of time isn’t available at this point.”

The Chicago center manages flights across Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri, Indiana, Iowa and Michigan.

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