No sooner has marriage been defined by a state constitutional amendment, now there's an effort to toughen the state's divorce laws.

It's all about the institution of marriage according to Julaine Appling with the Family Research Institute. Her group helped define who can get married and now Appling will start lobbying the legislature for tougher laws aimed at keeping couples married.

Appling points out, as the old saying goes, it's easier to get out of a marriage than your cell phone contract. And that, she says, shouldn't be. She believes the state's divorce laws need more teeth. Happiness or the lack of it should not be a reason for getting out of a marriage. There should be good cause.

Appling believes the divorce law should include such things as mandatory counseling or a cooling off period prior to attempting reconciliation. That's why Appling's group will lobby lawmakers for a tougher divorce law during the next session.


AUDIO: Jim Dick reports ( :54 MP3 audio courtesy WHBY )

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