A former State Representative, who was convicted of impaired driving three times while in office, faces new charges. 41-year-old Jeff Wood of Chippewa Falls is scheduled to appear in court September 20th, after being charged with trying to get more medicine than was prescribed by his doctor at a V.A. clinic. Charges were filed this week in Chippewa County court.

Prosecutors say Wood added a zero to the number of pills on the prescription in an attempt to obtain 10 times the prescribed amount.

Wood is charged with two felony counts, including forgery and attempting to get prescription drugs by fraud. Wood was convicted of driving while impaired 3 times between 2008 and 2009, and was censured by the state assembly.

Wood, who ran as an independent for his last term, did not seek re-election last fall.

AUDIO: Dan Lea reports (:41)

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