The attorney for former state senator Gary George says allegations that his client had anything to do with an alleged plot to overthrow the Laotian government are preposterous.

Reports from California say the lead investigator in the case that resulted in the arrest Monday of ten people filed an affidavit saying there is probable cause that George was involved in the conspiracy.

But George's attorney, Alex Flynn of Milwaukee says that affidavit says no such thing. He says there is no way anyone could get the impression his client did anything wrong after reading it.

Flynn says there is also a detailed thirty-five page criminal complaint filed in the case that doesn't even mention Gary George.

Among those arrested Monday in the plot to overthrow the government of Laos was a former aide to Gary George and other legislators. He's identified as Lo Cha Thao.

Also arrested and charged with being the mastermind of the plot is a hero of the Hmong community, General Vang Pao. The same person whose name was recently given to a new elementary school under construction in Madison.

The ten are charged with trying to obtain Stinger missiles,  AK-47's, mines and other weapons in an effort to stage a violent coup in the communist controlled Laos.

Gary George is completing a four year federal prison term on a kick-back conviction.

AUDIO: Alex Flynn, Gary George's attorney ( :45 MP3 )

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