Some Green Bay Packer fans in the Fox Valley now have a way to watch tonight’s preseason game — in Spanish. A contract dispute between Journal Communications and Time Warner Cable led the cable system to drop NBC 26,  the channel that the game is on in the Fox Valley.

Station general manager Joe Poss says they’re still trying to find an agreement that would get them back in Time Warner’s line up. “There’s two ways we can go back on. We can agree to a new contract . . . or we can offer and extension. They chose to not take the extension, meaning they had to pull us down. So this is their choice, not ours,” he said.

Time Warner Cable spokesman Mike Hogan says they have an option for people who want to see the game. “The number on option would be Telemundo,” he says, noting that the Spanish language service is available on basic cable in digital format on two channels, 1027 and 825. Customers need a cable box to see either one of those channels, and the broadcast will be in Spanish. The NFL Network will also be repeating the game.

Rick Schuh, WHBY

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