Coronavirus concerns have spurred a couple of Wisconsin congressman, who want to empower the FDA to strengthen the U.S. supply chain. Republican 8th District Representative Mike Gallagher said the U.S. reliance on global supply chains is apparent. “What this crisis reveals is how dependent we are, when it comes to manufacturing in general, but medical manufacturing in particular, on China.”

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Take a look at your bleach wipes or hand sanitizer. They’re made here – but ingredients may be sourced overseas. Gallagher said the bill would give the FDA the authority to require companies producing critical medicines and medical supplies to report their sourcing locations, so the FDA can identify which products may be subject to shortages should something like a pandemic occur.

Gallagher and Wisconsin 2nd District Democrat Mark Pocan have introduced the Medical Supply Chain Security Act. “FDA has said it lacks the authority necessary to require companies to disclose critical shortages, which I think is unacceptable,” Gallagher said. He hopes that will eventually lead to more ingredients and products being made here.

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